#MalaysiaisHOME is a contest to explore the creativity of our fellow Malaysians. As a Malaysian, we encourage you to explore the beauty of Malaysian culture.

Take a picture of our Hi HOME sticker with the background of your favourite Lepak Place, Mamak, building or even Yong Tau Foo stalls that reminds you of how Malaysia is your HOME! Use your creativity and tell us why Malaysia is your one and only HOME!

Tell us why Malaysia is your HOME
and win prizes worth :

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Show Us Your Creativity

Share your favourite part of Malaysia’s building and even architecture that makes you proud of being a Malaysian. Whether it’s the Petronas twin tower or your grandparent’s kampung.

Do you have a favourite lepak place or rojak stall? Share it with us and tell us why its so special to you and what it means to be Malaysian.

Don’t constraint yourself to just location and architecture. Challenge yourself to the little things of being a Malaysian such as your favourite national car or even laptop. Be free and challenge your creativity!